Be Happy with Life

Most of us think we will be happy if we lose 10 pounds, get a new job, buy that designer bag or a new pair of shoes. But will we? Maybe for a few minutes or a day. But then we return to our normal state.

Maybe it’s better to be happy with life as it is right now.
It’s choosing what is good for you, and the person you are. Not your ideal self, or the person other people want you to be.
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Being Flexible – swimming and more

As we move on in life I think we need to focus on both maintaining and developing strength, through weight bearing exercise but also to make sure we are flexible.

I’ve had a rethink of my weekly activity it was brisk walking and weight training. A change of gym has led to me trying new classes back to Zumba, which I love and Body balance and Barre Fitness which are new, and Body balance in particular is challenging. I’m not used to Yoga moves.
Its worth making some changes.
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Time to shake up your exercise routine

We get comfortable, I understand we do regularly things each week. But when did you last try something new?
My exercise routine was good but was the same old a couple of dance classes, a 30 minute walk 3-5 days a week, the gym for 10 minutes of cardio warm up and then weights 3 times a week. Same old thing.
I’ve moved and changed gyms.
Now I can do a brisk 15-minute walk and I’m at my gym, and it has a lot of classes. Its fun trying out new things.
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Retirement hastens onset of dementia

The headline in The Times on 24 January reminds of the need to stay active (mind and body) in retirement. The lack of demands and stress can increase our risk of dementia.

A study which tracked 3,400 civil servants found that short-term memory declined nearly 40 per cent faster once they retired.
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Preventing back pain

Do you find yourself with back pain? I do and I can’t do everything I used to – alas no more walking lunges at the gym.

I’ve found a great article that explains how to bend properly. and you can read it online here.
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Will you be a super ager?

super ager

Will you be a super ager?

Research has found a group of super agers people aged 80-100 who are more mentally sharp than most 50 somethings.
Most articles we read talks about cognitive decline, how we begin to lose brain power as we age. Its been put down to the age process and down to the retirement process, with people taking longer to do tasks they did quicker when in work and allowing themselves to slow down overall. In this study 18% of the people classed as a super ager never retired, and most either moved on to a new career or were very active in the community the super ager group had purpose to their lives.
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You dont need to walk 10,000 steps


I enjoy watching Michael Mosley health programmes on TV, and a recent one was The Truth About Getting Fit.
It’s interesting as their findings tied in with my thoughts, that aiming for 10,000 steps a day is not the best way to get fit.
My take is

  • You focus on quantity of steps, not quality, and can clock up 5000 steps walking around the shops. It’s the quality that is important.
  • It doesn’t take account of the speed of walking, and a stroll down the country lane is not the same as a power walk. You need to step it out.
  • You may prioritise walking to other activity such as weights at the gym where you don’t increase the step count. Strength training is important.

My fitness tracker is now in the drawer.
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A good nights sleep with Tena Lady

A good night’s sleep is important. We need it to restore and refresh. But some ladies get concerned, what if they relax too much and leak – it can be embarrassing.
I’m proud to be associated with Tena and to share details on the TENA Lady’s night-time range. These products can be helpful to the 61% of women who experience bladder weakness at some point in their lives. And if you worry about leaks or need to get up in the night it can disrupt our sleep and affect our health.
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