Online Dating part 3

It’s a while since I’ve written about dating.

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It’s a very strange world. I’ve realised that there are many people out there who have no intention of meeting up the messaging goes on and on and they are probably married or in a relationship. Perhaps some are just too scared to meet.

I remember learning this fact from a webinar with the head of the dating industry group. It’s from Bumble but believed to be typical – Over 60% of people doing online dating are already in a relationship and are there for an emotional ego boost, women as well as men. Apparently if the person you are messaging online hasn’t given you their phone number within 48 hours, they are married.
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You can get a job at 50+

People of all ages can struggle to get another job. When we are out of work, and need a job NOW, it is even more difficult.
When we are very committed to an outcome it comes through, people can feel and hear your desperation. It is when we want anything that we need to step back from the outcome. Same for people desperate for a relationship and going through online dating.
I read articles about people who have struggled to get a job at 50+. People who say they have applied for hundreds of jobs, applying for 20+ a week. Several a day.
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How to make the most of your retirement

I regularly get asked to comment in articles incuding how to make the most of your retirement

One was on – how to make the most of your retirement and quotes from me include:
The act of being prepared for retirement is also something that Denise ofAmazing Peoplerecommends. Denise is a career and life coach, and also the chief inspiration officer atThe 50Plus Coach. She says that retirement should not be seen as an end but a new beginning. Denise spoke to us about how important it is to start thinking about retirement early:
Start thinking now, and think about your wider life you will have an extra 2,000 hours a year, how do you want to spend them? Do you want to start a new hobby, go back to work, to do a job you love, focus on volunteering or devote time to a sport or hobby? Get thinking of all the things that you would like to do. Also, think about where you want to live. Do you want to downsize or right size? Maybe a move from the country to a town or city.
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Getting older

I’m no longer reading womens’ magazines. Yet again seduced by the offer of getting 3 issues of a glossy monthly for 1 pound, I signed up for 3. My mum likes them but WHAT IS THE POINT. Too many articles focused on looking good, expensive clothes and ads for expensive skin care.

Too much plays on our insecurity.

Many articles focus on women who look great for their age. Good Housekeeping has an article on Davina McCall. I read something recently on Carole Vorderman. There are numerous actors, but it is their job to stay within accepted views of beauty. And who is it that says we need to conform to a stereotype anyway.

Does it matter if I look my age?

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