Kiev and Chernobyl

I love travel, mainly long haul and for several weeks. But this last weekend has made me appreciate the value of a short break.
I am a fan of Meet Up Groups and TravelTogetherUK had a trip organised to Kiev and Chernobyl. No hesitation; count me in!
A man I was dating at the time thought it would be enough to watch a TV programme, but I want to experience life, not be an observer.
What was great about this group trip compared to commercial companies like Exodus was that we had a WhatsApp group created so we were chatting in advance and it made it easy to find and coordinate our activities whilst away.
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Where will you live as you get older?

When I run pre-retirement seminars one area we discuss is around where to live as we age.

People will often talk about retiring to the seaside, or into a city. They want a change.
The sea-side as it seems peaceful and they have good memories of summer holidays. One note of caution is to look at the place in the winter, it will have a different feel and you will want to see what activities still take place in these months.
Making friends is important to. It could be involvement with the church, or volunteering.
More people are moving to cities. You can walk more, there is plenty going on and when people have brought up children in family homes in a rural location it makes a great change.

Do you need to downsize or right size?

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Why have dental implants

Why I have dental Implants

I have paid for dental implants, and wanted to share the reasons why I chose to invest in this dental procedure.

Consequences of Missing Teeth

Experiencing teeth loss is not an ideal scenario at any age. Simple, everyday tasks such as biting an apple, enjoying your favourite meal or smiling for a selfie can cause discomfort and unpleasantness due to lack of teeth.
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