Life's what you make it

R.I.P. Mark David Hollis (4 January 1955 February 25, 2019)

Talk Talk – Life’s What You Make It

The video is haunting, the words have meaning for all of us. Reminds me to live my life, we never know how long we have got.

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Online Dating Part 2

4 weeks into online dating

This is a follow up to my first post on online dating.
My first meeting was promising, it started with coffee, moved on to a gallery and then more coffee. We’ve continued to meet.
But there have been others
The two who had travelled around 50 miles to meet me and suggested lunch. One wore crumpled clothes and was proud of his frugal approach to life. He then wanted me to be his guide to Cheltenham. The other looked years older than his photo, insisted we ate Japanese and I didn’t like having to eat a soup style dish with chopsticks. In both cases a coffee would have been so much better and lead to an easy get out.
I’ve since learned I should have nipped to the loo, got someone to phone me and used the phone call to get out of the restaurant before eating. Within 5 minutes I knew it unlikely we would gel.
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The reverse bucket list

I regularly talk with my clients considering retirement about their bucket list the list of things that they want to do some day, often holidays but also experiences.
There is also the reverse bucket list. The list of all the things that you have already done.
It does not have to be big things, it can be small things too.
To create your own reverse bucket list, look back over your life and answer these questions:
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Post-Retirement Opportunities – Avonmouth Fair

21st February

Aged 55+ and approaching retirement, recently retired, or facing redundancy?
This FREE event, run by LinkAge Network as part of the Post-Retirement Opportunities project, will showcase the wide range of opportunities and advice available within the areas of money, work, volunteering, learning, leisure and health & wellbeing. Representatives from a range of organisations will be on hand at the event to provide information and advice.
A guest speaker and workshop will offer attendees the opportunity to hear from those with lived experience of retirement, explore and share ideas, and meet and socialise with people at a similar stage in life. We will be joined by award-winning Career Coach Denise Taylor, author of Find Work at 50+.
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