Do you have a tribe?

Some women have close friendships, friends from university. Or perhaps friends made via their children, friendships formed via maternity classes or at the school gate. Others have close friends from work.
But there are other women who don’t have friends. Circumstances have meant they never formed these close bonds. For some there was not the opportunities to make friends at work, or they concentrated social activity with their husband/ partner.
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The importance of Strength Training

We know that we lose muscle as we age, and this leads to a change of body shape.

Since moving home and changing gyms I’ve switched from weights sessions at the gym to Zumba and other dance classes.
I do love dancing, but its not building muscle.
So, I’m back to weights. And back to sessions with Emma, Personal Trainer. Emma understands my body niggles and with recent mishaps she has put a programme together that suits me. I don’t have arthritis but with my knee injury, doing exercises to focus on joint problems will mean I stay safe.
I love weight training and being strong.
But many people don’t. Especially women, they get frightened they would bulk up too much very unlikely.
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Moving on … Creating a new life at 50+

Yesterday I posted a blog post the stress of a break up. I wrote it a few months ago when feelings were raw. Reading it now so much has changed. I can barely recognise the person I was then.
The change happened about a couple of months ago. I couldn’t remember the last time I’d cried. I had gone through a period of crying a lot. I was fine with clients, but when I was alone with my thoughts it got tough.
I was spending a lot of time with my family, but as my social life has developed I’ve focused more on my new life, rather than revisiting the past.
I’ve come to terms with the decision and I’m happy that it was the right thing to do.
I’m focusing more on the road ahead rather than where I’ve been.
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The Stress of a break-up

A break-up or divorce can be highly stressful, add in a move of home and the stress increases.
Although I expected this, the experience was more difficult than I expected.
I’ve reflected on the break up of my first marriage. That was stressful, and I was over 20 years younger and there were issues regarding the children that I hadn’t anticipated.
With this being a mutual decision with a plan to have it as an amicable split I expected to almost sail through it. But …
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