Benefits of hiring older workers – older workers rock

A brilliant article on the benefits of hiring older workers.

Access it here.
Too many companies, especially the tech ones focus on recruiting millennials. FaceBook CEO Mark Zuckerberg once said young people are smarter!
Research shows Gen Xers being recruited 33% times less, and baby boomers 60% less than millennials.
In this article by Kelly Palmer, for Market Watch she writes about the benefits of hiring older workers. On recruiting an editor in chief and how productive he was. He could make an impact based on his knowledge and skills.
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Living alone can mean that we need to learn new skills

When you are no longer a couple you need to adjust and take on some of the things that your partner used to do. Its a time to learn new things and for personal growth.
In many relationships we divide up the tasks and get better at different things. Its a bit like as our children grow up; if we continue to do their ironing they will never learn.
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