Clutter clearing – weighed down by clutter

I want to share one of my biggest weaknesses I love gathering material and resources. Sounds like a good thing doesn’t it, lots of information but it can be done to excess.

I’m not like one of those people on compulsive hoarders on Channel 5 but my PC has masses of PDFs saved to read one day, and Outlook is bursting with emails I’m saving.
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Online dating – when is the right time to start?

When to start online dating? My personal trainer, Emma, says right now.

She says I need to get my profile on one site, and to be proactive and send messages, she said that it’s a great feeling to see messages and start engaging. Other people are telling me to be more cautious and to look to meet people in real life, but isn’t online where most people meet nowadays?
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Take your lifes possession and divide in half, and then again! That’s what my forthcoming move feels like.

With Downsizing I’m doing this while still active. Goodness knows how older people do this.
It’s not just the active side of going into the loft, emptying the shed but also the emotions as you look at the items you bought.
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Retirement advice for workaholics

Whilst many people have a balanced life, others have focused on work. So here is some retirement advice for workaholics.
Some people enjoy their job, they get great feedback from colleagues and the job is very much intertwined with who they are. They tend to avoid any discussion on retirement with a plan to work till they drop. These people could be classed as workaholics people who find it hard to disengage from their work.
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Minimising is better than organising

If organizing your stuff worked, wouldn’t you be done by now? Courtney Carver

I’m brilliant at sorting work files, systems, cupboards but now I’m thinking that organising has been my way of dealing with the objects and information that I have accumulated. Whilst I can be well organised I then get more stuff and must reorganise as I run out of space.
And so the cycle continues.
I’m now reflecting that organising has been a way of failing to address the underlying issue of why I need so much stuff.
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