A period of transition

My decluttering is going deeper, and I’m reviewing everything that doesn’t add to my life. Do I really need a Kindle and an iPad (with the kindle app)? I have taken so many things to the charity shops or sold them and with each item I feel a sense of lightness. Its a very good feeling. I’m comparing everything I have to my sister who has moved a few times recently, so she hasn’t had 14-15 years of possessions to go through. It would have been easier with less space, although there were still piles of books besides the bookcases.
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Find Work at 50+

Find work at 50+

Written for the 50+ audience, the book is relevant to people of all ages. It brings all my knowledge of job search right up-to-date and my publisher has laid things out beautifully.

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You will also get access to relevant tips and articles to help the prime job seeker by more successful.

Read a book review here – 50+ Book review and more on Amazon

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Downsizing focuses the mind on what possessions are important to you. What you want to keep and use, and what is better kept as a memory.

I’ve not been posting anything for a while. My focus has been on clearing out. I’m downsizing from a 4 bed home with loft space and outbuildings to a 2 bed flat. A move from the country to the town.

There is so much to do with downsizing – not just clothes and books, but business materials and general stuff. Today I’ve finally thrown out (Almost) all my Open University Course Materials – 8 years of part time study for my first degree and 5 years for my MBA. I was tempted to hold onto the year course in Research Methods, but it is 20 years old and best to start again. I tried to pass on but no one was interested.
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