Retirement hastens onset of dementia

The headline in The Times on 24 January reminds of the need to stay active (mind and body) in retirement. The lack of demands and stress can increase our risk of dementia.

A study which tracked 3,400 civil servants found that short-term memory declined nearly 40 per cent faster once they retired.
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Rethink Retirement – Leisure

Kitchen Conversation

Leisure Activities – hobbies and interests.

We often don’t have the time for these, especially if we have a demanding job, get home after 7pm, have to cook a meal. In this video I get us thinking about how we may like to spend our leisure time.

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Preventing back pain

Do you find yourself with back pain? I do and I can’t do everything I used to – alas no more walking lunges at the gym.

I’ve found a great article that explains how to bend properly. and you can read it online here.
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