Weight Loss Diary week 3

Good news, I have lost 4 pounds this week through measurement of food and so brisk walking.

Watch the video for my update. And thanks for watching, it is keeping me focused.

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The over 50s entrepreneur – Get great tips here

Over 50s entrepreneur

The over 50s entrepreneur.

Why your fifties are the best time to become an entrepreneur.

Think of an entrepreneur and you may think of the people with the big business idea, set to pitch their idea to the dragons/sharks on TV. But its not just about the vision to create a large company.
Entrepreneurship is the process of designing, launching and running a new business, this can be to produce something and also to offer a service. As an entrepreneur we invest our money, take the risks with the hope of making a profit. We aren’t paid a salary and come up with the business idea ourselves. Its not only about making a massive profit, its also about personal fulfilment.
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Weight Loss Diary – Week 2

Weight Loss

For many of the people I know, an active lifestyle is important we don’t want to go into old age with health and mobility problems. I appreciate that for some people it’s down to genetics, but for many who suffer these problems it has been a result of lifestyle issues.
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Weight Loss Diary – week 1

Kitchen Conversation

I’ve put on weight and I’m annoyed – why did I let this happen. I intend to hold myself accountable, and a weekly blog post will help. This video is focused on my goal of losing weight, but can also be relevant of any goal you may have. I’d love to read your comments below.
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Going Grey – Embracing our natural hair colour, part 2

This is the second of a series of posts as I share my transition to embracing grey my natural hair colour. Read the first post here

This was me 6 weeks on and just back from a cut and blow dry. I’ve changed hairdressers and used to pay 116GBP for a colour, cut and finish. Yes, it was an expensive hairdressers but this time it was only 27GBP. The money I’ll save over a year will pay for a holiday – yey! I’m saving 89GBP every 6 weeks which is 771GBP per year and would have cost even more if I’d switched to foils.
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Expedition Sailing on a small ship with Noble Caledonia


I love adventures going beyond a holiday to see more or learn more.

I want to travel and find stories to share and memories for when I’m older. Mainly this has been group holidays with companies such as Exodus and Intrepid or having a company help us to create a private holiday.
I’ve never been interested in cruises – being on a floating hotel where the evening entertainment seems high priority and with expensive shore excursions by large coach. I hadn’t realised there was a different option; to travel on a small ship with less than a hundred passengers but I found this with Noble Caledonia.
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