Personality How well do you know yourself?


There is the information that is obvious height, job title, our way to approach stressful situations but there is a lot that we dont know, a lot to do with our personality.
Does it matter that we dont know?
I think so. The more that we understand ourselves, our personality, the easier we find it to deal with other people.
Understanding our personality means that we understand the situations where we will be at our best, and at our worst. It helps with the way we work, and we know the sorts of tasks and situations that allow us to be us. Understanding our personality allows us to have better relationships with others and so much more.
We then have a choice
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Career Tests for career and professional development

Why you may want to take a career tests
Introducing Career Tests
Career tests will help you to understand more about your abilities, personality, interests and more. Using career tests can be an effective means of making a career and life choice and increasing career satisfaction.
These are not just for people at the start of their career but highly valuable making choices for life at 50 and beyond.
There are a wide number of career tests available, and deciding which to choose can be confusing. Each can play a role in helping you to understand more about yourself. In this article, Id like to introduce you to the different types of career tests so that you can make an informed choice about which will be best for you, depending on our needs.
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Retirement Phases

The New Retirement Mindscape
I love collecting articles, I have hundreds related to retirement / post 60 living and I’m reviewing them all. It’s fascinating, many publications that influence my thinking. Some are academic, others very popular. One is from Ameriprise Financial and compares results from a survey carried out in 2005 and 2010. in 2010 they identified 6 distinct phases that occur before and during retirement
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Embrace Grey -part 1 (A kitchen conversation)

Kitchen Conversation

I’m going to embrace grey – my natural hair colour

Since I was 19 I’ve coloured my hair first henna, later full on dye from the hairdresser. I wasn’t grey when I started, but as the grey, my natural colour came through, I needed to colour more frequently. I was up to every 4 weeks, and still had to use a root spray in between as well.
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Getting ready for retirement

Getting ready for retirement

I’d like to talk about retirement, some people have no choice but to carry on working beyond 60 or 65 but will it be the same work that they did before? How will you be Getting ready for retirement?
I’m working with one client, lets’ call her Helen and she plans to move away from what she has been doing to something new. She is also going to change locations. So there is going to be a lot of change. I want to support her in getting ready for retirement.
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Doing Too Much – Have you got Rushing Woman Syndrome?

Rushing woman

Do you have Rushing Woman Syndrome?

Life is busy I fit a lot in and sometimes try to do too much.In the past week I’ve fallen over three times, once I tripped over the vacuum cleaner cable as I dashed around the house, another time I changed direction on the street, didn’t look where I was going and fell into a man who was also rushing. Then I tripped in my Zumba class. Ive got the legs of a 7 year old various shades of orange, black and blue.Continue reading

Looking Back from the future – A Kitchen Conversation

Kitchen Conversation

A little exercise to share. You could be 95 and looking back at 75 and thinking about how young you were back then. Here we are, at whatever age we happen to be think 20 years into the future. It seems such a long time away, but lets just imagine we are thinking 20 years ahead from where we are today, and thinking about the life we are having. I think its useful to think about
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Career planning at 60+ it's not too late!

career planning at 60+.

Moving on from our early 50s and our thoughts probably include what are we going to do after retirement. The lucky few with index linked pensions may have little need for more paid work but for most of us we still need to earn an income, but not necessarily doing what we have been doing previously. You can do career planning at 60+
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Great Role Models

“I’m ninety but I feel like I’m fifty. I don’t take any medicine. I never complain. I’m just happy to be alive. I tell people: ‘Start with what you have, not with what you want.'”

“Every day I dance for two hours. And I’m still really interesting too. I love politics and literature. I love the sciences. And I’ve got a boyfriend named Alexander. We exchange books. I don’t even know how old he is.”

“I’m ninety but I feel like I’m fifty. I don’t take any medicine. I never complain. I’m just happy to be alive. I…

Posted by Humans of New York on Wednesday, 9 August 2017

and another great role model:Worlds oldest yoga teacher, 98, shares her secret to a happy life- read more

Being Happy – A Kitchen Conversation


It’s not just about the big things – it’s often the smaller things such as reading a story with my grandchild, to read a chapter of my book or just “to be” and sit in my garden.
If we feel a bit stressed or down, what can give us a boost? It’s good for our mental health.
I’ve created a list, and I’m aiming to add to this list to get to 30 or more, and each day to look at the list and choose one thing to do. Then to notice the difference this makes.
Life isn’t about the big things, but the small things that make a difference