Pre-Tirement – A Kitchen Conversation

It’s changed – no longer the clean break with a gold watch! Now most will be fit and healthy into our 80s. Do we want to retire?
I talk about the phase called Pre-tirement. Maybe when your work pension kicks in you can do something that you want – another job, a different job, volunteering. You can stay and work on your terms, 3 days a week.
It’s not fixed you can reduce hours, combine with volunteering. It can be what you want.
What sort of retirement do you want? Retirement is not just lazing around the house – people do get bored and want something else. It’s good to start thinking around this in advance so you don’t end up lazing and watching day time TV.
I think pre-retirement planning is worth considering in your 40s and 50s. Don’t drift what do you want to do?
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I'm going on a Tena Adventure …

I’ve been asked if I would like to go on adventure with TENA.

I’ve got a ticket for myself and my husband to visit Go Ape, as my Tena Adventure. We will be there on a nice day. I’ve always been scared of heights, but after climbing the Sydney Harbour Bridge in late December last year I’m up for doing it this year.

I expected to get a voucher in the post. I hadn’t expected a box of goodies. Look what they sent me.
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Dance your way to a healthy brain

Dance your way to a healthy brain. Learning anything new is good for our brain, for me its dancing not only am I learning new dance steps, but its sociable too.

Don’t just take my word for it, here’s some evidence from Patrick Muller from the German Centre for Neurodegenerative Diseases in Magdeburg, Germany on how you can dance your way to a healthy brain.

Dance classes may beat traditional exercise when it comes to improving older adults’ balance and it might enhance brain areas related to memory and learning along the way.

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Career regret – Half of all workers regret their career path

Career regret

Career regret – Are you one of them?

A survey (of 2,000 workers) has found that half of all Britons are unhappy at work and believe they made a mistake over their career choice.
This sounds like a lot, but as a psychologist I want to ask questions about the questions and the survey methodology. It’s like asking us if we are happy with our weight, probably 80% would say they would like to be 5-7 pounds lighter, and that’s certainly doable in a month, but how many people act to lose the weight?
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