Traditional Car Building – Trip to the Morgan Car Company

Working for my self gives me the flexibility to do things in the week.
Today I’ve visited the Morgan Motor Company Factory. This was a group trip for members of the Austin A30/A35 club. Members travelled from a wide area and we met up with a subgroup at a cafe for a proper breakfast. If you are ever near J1 of the M50 I highly recommend Ye Olde Hutte Cafe.
We then travelled onto the factory. The tour costs 20 and we first watched a film on the history of the company and then went on a tour starting with viewing some older vehicles.
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Be more active – 25% of people aged over 65 do no exercise

be more active

We need to be more active: 25% of people aged over 65 do no exercise and that’s why they are more susceptible to falls.

The need to be more active was on the news this morning, and a message we hear regularly. So why don’t people do exercise why don’t people seek to be more active? One way all of us used to use our strength was in carrying shopping, they say, but I think there’s still a difference between walking from the shops or getting off the bus with 2 heavy bags and pushing our trolley to the car. Even worse is shopping online.
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The New Retirement Mindscape

I love collecting articles, I have hundreds related to retirement / post 60 living and Im reviewing them all. Its fascinating, many publications that will influence my thinking. Some are academic, others very popular. One is from Ameriprise Financial and compares results from a survey carried out in 2005 and 2010. in 2010 they identified 6 distinct phases that occur before and during retirement

  • Stage 1: Imagination
  • Stage 2: Hesitation
  • Stage 3: Anticipation
  • Stage 4: Realization
  • Stage 5: Reorientation
  • Stage 6: Reconciliation

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Changing careers at 50plus

Changing careers at 50plus. In both good times and challenging times, people in our prime are looking for new jobs. Sometimes this is foisted upon us due to redundancy, for others we just dont want to spend another day in a job we cant stand so we may think about a change of career. If thats you then this article will be of help.
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Moving home in later life

Ive read three articles recently related to housing for an older generation.

Clearly, we need to have housing thats accessible. I have an older friend who lives in a terrace home with steep stairs, with failing eye sight, I wonder how she will cope. My mum may live in a warden controlled property but the town she lives in Knutsford, with cobbled streets is not great for her as she becomes less steady on her feet. I live in the country. I love my home but do I really want to be living well over a mile from the nearest bus stop and shop when I age.

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60+ Reflections on a milestone birthday

60+ Reflections

2 weeks on from my birthday and Im surprised how much Im thinking about my age.

I wonder if other people feel the same when they reach a milestone, although I cant remember having these feelings at 40 or 50.
Whilst still active I am noticing changes. Here are some of my 60+ Reflections:
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