Turning 60: older, wiser and finding myself – part 2

As I age

25th January

Holidays are important to me. They are the time I switch off from work, and I go away at Christmas as its a quiet time for my business and I also want to escape the family emphasis. Im estranged from my children and it hurts much more at this time of the year.
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Practical Job Search Tips for the over 50s

practical job search tips

In this blog post we will cover Practical Job Search Tips for the over 50s

What are the challenges of finding work in later life?

There are 4 main reasons people struggle to get a job in later life. Here are some reasons why people need practical job search tips. They
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Being Productive – A Kitchen Conversation

Kitchen Conversation

In this video, I talk about how easy it is to get distracted, and how I aim to work SMART with my time. What works for me is to work on a big task, first thing. This could be to write a chapter of a book, or work on some client work. I then check emails perhaps a couple of hours later. Anything that is not work-related goes into my READ LATER folder.
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Turning 60: older, wiser and finding myself – part 1

As I age –Turning 60 older, wiser and finding myself

I started a diary on 1st January, then put it to one side. Would people be interested in what I have to say? But I’m a writer, I’m a career coach, and seek to inspire people to make the rest of their life, their best life. So here I am.
Back on 1st January I entered my 60th year. It seems so old, like many I don’t feel my age, people tell me I don’t look my age, and I seek out adventures.
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Mid Week Update- 5 July


It’s mid week, time for my regular newsletter. I’ve been busy. Partly with client work but also with changing over to a new computer. It’s always a big job to get things set up properly. I keep all my passwords safe, well most, and of course the one I’ve lost is now so old that I can’t get it reset so looking to ‘work around’ rather than spend over £100 on something I may not need.
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Over 60 – don't want to retire what can I do?

Over 60 - don't want to retire

Over 60 – don’t want to retire what can I do?

Over 60 – don’t want to retire: Back in November I was approached by Woman & Home and asked if I would be one of their experts to work with a reader, helping them with a career decision. I was assigned to Christine who had worked in nursing for all her working life and at 65 was not ready to retire but wanted a new challenge, but what?
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Job search at 50 Plus: Finding a job when you should be retiring

job Search at 50

Job Search at 50 Plus

I need a job said Valerie, my pension isn’t enough but who is going to want to employ me? Dig deeper and the real problem was not what she had to offer (lots of useful skills and experience) but her self-belief in being able to get a job at job search at 50 plus.

Our Beliefs can affect success in job search at 50 plus

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