Kitchen Conversation – Being Not Doing – can you do this?

Kitchen Conversation

Being Not Doing:

In this video on Being not doing, I start by saying how my husband and I are very different. He is very good at being not doing. He will sit in the garden and stare into space, listen to the birds and be. But I find it very hard to just go and sit next to him if I know that there are tasks to do. My personality style is that I do all my tasks and then I relax.

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Why I had a professional photo shoot

We look at celebrities in the media and in magazines and they always look beautifully made up. We know they don’t look like this all the time, we’ve seen the candid photos in Heat Magazine, but still, we compare ourselves and wonder why we don’t look that good.

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Mid Week Update 8 June 2017


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I love music and dancing and last weekend was spent at Wychwood Festival – headliners were The Buzzcocks, OMD and The Levellers and lots of other bands to listen to as well. I wear a Fitbit and did over 20,000 steps each day. This, along with sleeping in a caravan lead to Monday feeling jet lagged, so tired. I still feel young, but my body tells me otherwise.
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Lump Sum – save or spend, which is right for you?

Lump Sum - save or spend

At retirement you probably get the biggest lump sum you will ever receive, so what do you do with your Lump Sum – save or spend
The advice is to invest it, but we also need to think what is right for the individual.
My husband reached 60 about 18 months ago. He worked for Royal Mail and alongside a monthly pension he also got a lump sum of 3 times this annual pension.
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TENA Lady – Phenomenal Fifty

We’d like to invite you to a day in London as you are one of the Phenomenal Fifty women. How could I resist.

Living out in the country it’s a bit of a trek to come into central London, and the train got delayed so I was a little late, but after a glass of champagne all was good.
Phenomenal Fifty
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