Appreciate Differences – stop making judgements and look for what we can learn from others

We need to appreciate differences – Viva La difference

We all make judgements at times. We look at someone and think they are scary, or boring. People we don’t have anything in common with, people that we want to avoid.
But we are more similar than we think.
Young people can take a fixed view of oldies and we can of them. We can all make assumptions. We can see something about how they are dressed, or personal characteristics and see them as different to us. Many times, we see this as a negative. However, often what we dislike about others reflects something in ourselves.
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Mid Week Update – 26 April


I’ve decided to start regular video messages and I’m calling these Kitchen Conversations, They’ll be filmed in my kitchen.
The first one is focused on why we shouldn’t compare ourselves to others, and you can watch the video via this page.
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The 50Plus Coach on LinkedIn

The50Plus Coach

The 50Plus Coach now has a company page on LinkedIn.
I have a LinkedIn profile which includes my summary. I also include detail on my career history. If you, like me, are moving to more than one ‘job’ you don’t need to cram everything into one section under experience. You can break things down. I already have separate entries for some consultancy I do. I also set up a separate entry for my career school. This past week I’ve now set up one for the work I do with people of 50+ – I have a new company page – The 50Plus Coach
I also needed to enter a career title for my work as The 50Plus Coach. I know that many new career titles are in use – like Chief Happiness Officer. As so many people tell me I’m an inspiration I had a great idea – I’ll be the Chief Inspiration Officer.
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Follow Your Dream – is it ever too late?

Follow Your Dream

Is it ever too late to follow your dream? I was on Radio Hereford and Worcester recently. The discussion was – “Is it ever too late to follow your dream?”. This followed on some research that the majority of teenage girls want to be popstars, film stars or athletes and will expect to have 3 careers. I was pleasantly surprised that for 20% they want to be politicians, it’s not only about being famous. The discussion then moved on to dreams we had when we were young – our teenage ambitions and what we wanted to do when we grow up.
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How we change

Oh, how we change …

I’ve been tidying up and come across old passport photos. I’m sharing this under the Health and Wellbeing section. Part of this is around being comfortable with the ageing process.
The earliest one I have, and from 1992
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DJ Sumirock

Inspiration - DJ - 82 years old

… the 82-year-old Japanese woman who cooks by day and DJs by night.

She’s had a lot of press coverage recently

Japan is known for its ageing demographic, with people aged 65 and above making up 26.6 percent of the population in 2015.
A prime example of an active senior, Iwamuro plays to crowds mostly 60 years younger than she is at the DecaBarZ nightclub in the heart of Tokyo’s Shinjuku district.
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Newsletter 13 April 2017


Its time for my midweek message, sent to share what Ive been doing over the past week.
Im now an active user in Twitter, but still need to remind myself to post. Id love you to follow me here. Im making sure I only share things of relevance to people like us, with interesting articles and a few fun things too.
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Pretirement is the new retirement


Pretirement – the new life phase.

Before preretirement. Once upon a time you worked hard and were looked after by your employer. In exchange for loyalty you reached 65 (if a man) and received a final party, gold watch or clock. And access to your index linked occupational pension and state pension. You were now retired, and could relax following a life of hard work.
But the story has changed.
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